You can find all Mercurial repositories on If you have an account on our systems then you can also create your own repo's for hosting, etc.

#Updating Your Repository

To update your local repository to use the new netlandish sourcehut platform simply go into your repository's root directory and edit the .hg/hgrc file. You will see the following:

default = ssh://

We need to change the default to the new platform. You can keep the BitBucket like if you'd like for the time being. This can be useful in case other team members have not updated their repo's yet or accidentally push to the wrong location and now you have to pull their changes in. Example:

default = ssh://
bb = ssh://

Then you can simply do things like: hg pull bb to pull from the BitBucket repo.


Collaboration is handled via email. All patches, discussion, code review, etc. is done via email and our sourcehut platform.

See the contributing documentation for information on how to contribute to our repositories.

Please read the Mercurial email setup documentation for more details on configuring your hg install.

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